Virgin Plastic resin

HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

EVALENE® High Density Polyethylene grades exhibit superior balance of stiffness, impact strength and chemical resistance, making them ideal for a broad range of applications such as extrusion (blown film, pipe and monofilament) as well as injection and blow molding of consumer, household and industrial products.

HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
GradeMelt index
HB23551 0.27 / 230.953Rigid packaging, Food, beverage and condiment packaging, Bottles for personal care products, Bottles for household and industrial chemicals (HIC)Good ESCR, High stiffness
HF095220.075 / 90.952Grocery bags, Supermarket produce bags, Carrier bags, Trash bags, Sack linersGood puncture resistance, High stiffness and tensile strength, High molecular weight
HF145220.12 / 140.952Produce bags on a roll, Supermarket produce bags, Wet market bags, Sando bags, Laundry bags, Carrier bags, Trash bags, Sack liners, Flexible packagingGood puncture resistance, High stiffness, Medium molecular weight
HJ0460140.960Pallets, Dunnage trays, Crates, Industrial partsExcellent impact strength, High stiffness, UV-stabilized
HJ0460240.960Beverage caps for mineral water, juice and tea drinksOrganoleptic-certified
HJ20571200.957Housewares, Caps, Pails, ToysExcellent processability
HM10561 10.956Commercial and industrial ropes and nets (fishing net, agricultural net, mosquito net), Non-woven filament applicationsHigh stretchability
HP104410.08 / 100.944Pressure pipe applications (PE 80), Pipes for building & construction, Smooth wall and corrugated pipes for electrical conduits, telecommunications, irrigation and sewageHigh Oxidation-Induction Time (OIT), PE 80-certified